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Low Income Auto Repair Application

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We are a proud service provider of Michigan's First Low Income Auto Repair Program. The Low Income Auto Repair Program is here to help individuals & families with low income, maintain the mobility they need to stay working in Michigan.

Our Foundation was build on one goal, to get & keep Michigan Working! Our foundation has blessed to have the support of many Local business helping to provide Low income families & individuals a low cost solution to car maintenance and repairs. If you feel your family qualifies for the Low Income Auto Repair Assistance, you must first fill out an application. Then mail, deliver, or email the application to us and wait for a response, it's that simple!

If you need an application, you can request one by email, phone, fill out an application online, or stop by to pick one up. The application email is [email protected] Please be patient with us, our wait time varies month to month depending on the amount of applications we've accepted.
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