Winter Woes Are Here Because Your Car Heater Needs Repair

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Winter is finally here. The house is warm, the kids have their coats and mittens, and when it is time to race into the car, it feels like the inside of an igloo inside. You rub your hands together and turn on the heat and instead of a toasty warm feeling it feels like your freezer is emitting cold air on you. You have no idea why you must deal with your car heater not working and you attempt to try to figure out various reasons for the bitter cold air. 

Car Heater Issues

You do not know if there is an issue with the fan. You do not know if your car is sitting with its wheels in a frozen pool of water. You do not know if the temperature gauge has malfunctioned. These are the minute things that run through your mind, but you also ponder what if your car’s engine has failed? The last thing you thought about to be on the top of your list is car heater repair. And now, you must rack your brain to focus on how to fix car heater issues instead of journeying on your way.

It is both inconvenient and annoying to have a non-working heater during the frigid Winter months. But it is not expensive to repair the issue. If you must replace parts, we can get that sorted out for you. But if you do not know what feature needs replacing, our mechanics can happily check what is needed. And provide you the labor and skill in putting the necessary part or parts in your car. The problem with your car’s heating system can be attributed to a few things. An issue in your heating system can usually be traced to more methods that produce and distribute the heat to the vehicle’s interior. Here are ten reasons to explain why your car is blowing cold air on you to help you fix car heater issues.

Air Lock

A bubble that gets created in the cooling system can stop the coolant from functioning correctly. The cooling system is related to the heating system so if the coolant level is low, it can make it hard for your coolant to get warm to produce enough heat. An air lock is a large air bubble that forms in your cooling system due to a leak in the coolant that prevents it from circulating correctly and can cut your heat output.

Bad Coolant Hoses

Coolant hoses usually break down over a period; sometimes, there can be obstructions inside of them. The hoses can also untighten over time, and the clamps that keep the hoses in place can fail. You will have to look at the hoses to make sure that all is secure. Make sure that the car is off when you check the coolant hoses.

Car Repair


Your thermostat should stay closed when the engine is cold, making a quicker coolant circulation route, making the engine warm-up quicker, and moderate emissions for car heater repair. 

Radiator Leak

Ever drove your car off and notice a puddle where it was, and it did not rain? You most likely have a radiator leak, which should not be ignored and looked at immediately without further ado. 

Radiator Cap

Your radiator cap normalizes the cooling system’s pressure, acting as a breakout valve if the tension gets too high. If the radiator cap gets stuck in the open position, there will be unsatisfactory pressure in the system, and the coolant will stay cold, enabling the heater’s output to plummet.

Water Pump

The purpose of a water pump is to circulate the coolant around the heater core and the engine. It can also be a reason for leaks and inept coolant circulation.

Engine Fan 

A thermostat controls the engine fan. If the switch malfunctions, the defective thermostatic switch could make the fan run continuously, diminishing the coolant temperature where you cannot get much heat in the interior. 

Heater Core Issues

The heater core takes heat from the warm coolant that moves through it. But the small channels can trap debris, which can accumulate when the coolant does not get changed often. 

Heater Valve Issues

The heater valves oversee the heat productivity of the heater core. If a valve gets wedged in the locked position, it will stop heat from going into the cabin.

Blower Fan Issues

If your blower fan does not work, do not expect to get a lot of heat from the heater core to disseminate into your car.


Regardless of the issue, let the professionals at Revive Auto Repair take car of your heater problems!

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