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October 22, 2021
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Winter Preventative Maintenance is a must before you get caught out there, not prepared. Winter is almost here, and it is now time to inspect your vehicle to make sure it is ready for the long haul. You have to make sure that what needs to be in your car – is actually in your vehicle. Many unpredictable things can and will happen to your car when freezing temperatures happen. The fluid that is specific for Winter is something that you can get at Revive Auto Repair. So please do not try to figure things out yourself and risk using conventional windshield fluid – because when the temperatures are cold, it is not safe, and you will not be able to see correctly or at all when driving, and you risk your own life and the life of others.

winter preparednessYou need to make sure that your car’s tires are in excellent working condition and the precise type is very important when driving on icy and snowy roads. Without the correct pressure and grip, you may slip and drift, which will make the automobile challenging to maneuver in the snow. Revive Auto Repair can inspect the tire pressure of your tires and have them line up correctly with the required air level as written on the tires is a great way to make sure that, inside of them contains the correct air level inside them. Most gas stations allow free air and gauge to check your tire pressure and match them to your tire requirements.

Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle on how to fit your antifreeze and coolant levels correctly. Without the proper antifreeze level, you run the risk of your vehicle’s fluids freezing and your engine not running or starting. Grab an extra container of antifreeze, keep it in your car, and add more if needed. Antifreeze should be put in the bay of the engine in your vehicle.

It is wise to follow a few tips to prepare yourself for whatever the miserable winter season may bring. Driving a car in harsh winter weather can be deadly, so having your vehicle prepared is very significant and will give yourself and your loved one’s peace of mind.

winter preparedness

It is very easy to overlook how horribly cold it can get in the Winter and how certain fluids in your car will react to that. Traditional windshield fluid can freeze during freezing temperatures when coming in contact with your windshield and can be rather dangerous, limiting the driver’s visibility.

Winter-specific fluid is specially formulated not to freeze and can help melt and release ice and snow from your windshield. Having the right windshield wipers that can handle the thickness of snow is also very important to have your windshields clear. Revive Auto Repair carries windshield wipers for all models and includes free installation! Stop by and converse with one of our experienced automotive professionals, and we would be more than happy to find you the precise fit for your automobile.



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