Why Is It Important To Use Good Oil Instead of Cheap Oil?

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September 24, 2021
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I understand that these are trying times, and many are looking to spend less on their needs. It is okay to spend less on things because they are cheap, like a cheap air freshener, cheap tire wipes, or a cheap wash rag, but when it comes to the oil that has to go into your car – the same car that you rely on to transport you where you need to go, there really should be no compromise. Cheap oil is one of the worst things that you can use on your car because it literally will do more damage than good. The risks of using cheap oil- Using low-quality oils can result in costly engine repairs and increased fuel consumption. Oils that fail to adhere to required specifications could eventually destroy your car’s engine guaranty because of engine destruction. If vital harm transpires from using motor oil that fails to meet the manufacturer’s specs and your warranty is canceled, repairing or reinstating your engine be much more than a pretty penny and will cost you tons of money. Cheap oils are low in quality and are extremely dangerous to the atmosphere of your car. You should not use cheap oils because they fail to meet the industry criteria established by overseeing organizations such as and API and ACEA are organizations that set the rules on what regulations are supposed to be when it comes to CO2 emissions.oil

Migrating parts will dwindle over as time goes by at varying rates. To facilitate the most moderate amount of degradation to the components and thus elongate their lives, utilizing quality oil is the way to go. This can significantly change critical components in a car, such as an engine and transmission. Using quality oil also enables the vehicle to operate at ultimate efficiency and performance. This can equate to reduce fuel costs and more power. Taking care of an automobile utilizing quality oil that will make you save cash in the long run, even though these lubricants are more costly. A vehicle that is maintained well will need fewer repairs. If an engine or transmission needs to be replaced, using low-quality or cheap oil can even cost you dearly. Fuel economy – quality oils are developed to accommodate exceptional fuel efficiency by protecting and lubricating the engine.

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At Revive Auto Repair, we only use high-quality oil that is not expensive and satisfies the given industry standards. These criteria are the merest spec conditions required for an engine to perform quickly and smoothly. According to your owner’s manual, we utilize oil specific to what should be used for your particular car. At Revive Auto Repair, we always produce high-quality work that you can depend on at a reasonable price. We will always guarantee your vehicle is sufficiently sustained while sustaining your manufacturer’s warranty. We pride ourselves in only using quality parts, and all of our automotive technicians are ASE-certified. Contact us at 248-817-5370 to book an appointment, or feel free to stop by. See you soon. 

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