Ways To Make Your Car Go Faster

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May 9, 2021
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Tips To Make Your Car Go Faster


Regular Maintenance

One of the easiest and most obvious things you can do to drive faster is to ensure your vehicle is in top shape. A neglected vehicle is a slow vehicle.

Spark plugs can get damaged and fouled over time. You should periodically check them to ensure they’re in good order and the “gap” is appropriate for your vehicle. Changing out spark plugs is an inexpensive way to increase your vehicle’s power.

However, this really only applies if your current spark plugs are bad. It’s a common misconception that “performance sparkplugs” will make your car go faster. That really only applies if you’re also upgrading another component in your vehicle, like air or fuel.

Old oil is another robber of power. When oil gets old, it gets sludgy and it makes your engine work harder. That’s going to make your car slower, not faster. So, make sure you’re performing regular oil changes. That applies to your oil filter, as well.

Remember, air intake is a major component of increased speed. Therefore, you should regularly change your vehicle’s air filter, too. This is one area where some product upgrades can add a good amount of power, so we’ll go into more detail shortly.

Tire Upgrades

Many people don’t realize that upgrading your tires can actually make your car faster. Normal street tires are designed to repel water and keep your car safely on the road.

Specialty tires like racing slicks are designed for something entirely different. They’re meant to offer maximum traction and, in turn, maximum acceleration.

Keep in mind, however, that most true racing slicks aren’t street-legal. So, they’re fine for the track, but you won’t likely be driving on them every day.

The good news is that there are plenty of “happy mediums” when it comes to racing tires. You can find tires that are both street-legal and designed to increase your car’s speed potential.

Reduce Weight

If you’re serious about increasing your vehicle’s speed, you might consider removing some weight. This is especially true in drag racing applications.

You’d be surprised how much quicker your car will be if you ditch rear seats, the spare tire, and even carpeting. This obviously isn’t practical when it comes to your daily driver for a family of four.

But if you have a dedicated track car, it’s a great way to increase speed without spending a dime.


Cold Air Intake

Remember, air is a vital component of engine combustion. But increasing your car speed is a bit more complicated than just getting “more air.”

You need cold air to effectively increase speed. That’s where a cold air intake comes in. Cold air is denser than hot air (which is what most vehicles use for combustion). In turn, more condensed air can be forced into an engine, which will help fuel burn more efficiently. The result?  More horsepower.

Adding a cold air intake is one of the easiest ways to increase your vehicle’s speed. There are countless cold air intake products on the market. This is a rather inexpensive add on part that would provide additional performance to your vehicle.


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