Ways To Make Your Car Go Faster

Bumpy Ride? Your Suspension May Need Some Attention
Bumpy Ride? Your Suspension May Need Some Attention
May 9, 2021
Do You Know How Important It Is To Maintain Your Spark Plug?
Do You Know How Important It Is To Maintain Your Spark Plug?
May 24, 2021


Most auto enthusiasts immediately begin thinking of ways to increase the vehicle’s speed after they purchase it. Usually, we feel this way after being passed by a driver with more experience and a faster vehicle

From that moment on, we know what we have to do; the need for speed has bitten us, and we will devote the rest of our lives to discovering new ways to increase our velocity. 

Increasing a vehicle’s top speed can make it more exciting to drive on the street or the racetrack. Adding a few upgrades can improve the performance of even the most basic grocery-getter cars, and doing so doesn’t have to break the bank.

Adjust The Wheel Weights

Since the vehicle’s ride, performance, and feel are all affected by the weight of the wheels, many modern vehicles have switched from the less expensive rolled, stamped, and welded steel wheels to cast aluminium alloy wheels. 

Not only will a nice set of wheels make your car look better, but they will also enhance its performance by reducing its overall weight, which in turn enhances the vehicle’s handling and braking.

Additionally, the weight of the wheels is not supported by the suspension of the vehicle. Since it takes three times as much energy to accelerate rotating mass as it does to accelerate sprung mass, going with lighter wheels can greatly enhance performance.

Find Better Road Gripping Tires

Fit some thick and sticky tyres because increasing your car’s power is useless if you can’t transfer it to the road. Tyres provide more than just increased acceleration grip; they also provide better cornering speeds and shorter stopping distances.

Invest in a high-quality set of tyres, maintain the recommended inflation levels, inspect the tread regularly, and keep them in tip-top shape. The car’s handling and fun factor will increase significantly with the addition of lightweight wheels.

To Improve The Brakes

Stopping quickly and positioning the car precisely for corners are also crucial to a vehicle’s performance. Without a reliable braking system, you’ll have to ease off the gas sooner than necessary and floor the brake pedal.

Improved discs and pads are two of the most inexpensive ways to increase stopping power significantly. Discs with holes and grooves provide an extra level of customization. 


Ways To Make Your Car Go Faster


If you’re serious about stopping, a big brake conversion with massive discs and huge callipers should give you unmatched stopping power. In order to get the most out of your brakes, you won’t want to forget to add brake fluid and lines.

Spark Plugs, Please Upgrade

Damaged or malfunctioning spark plugs are a major cause of sluggish acceleration in vehicles. To get your car started and running, combustion must occur, and this is ignited by a spark from a spark plug across a tiny gap. 

Getting the pistons moving in the engine is the most effective way to give your car a boost of power and keep the lights on while you’re driving. 

Wearing out your spark plugs or having them stop working as well as they should can cause a domino effect of issues.

Increasing The Throttle Body’s Outside Diameter

Cars have a throttle body that works with the fuel injection system to control how much air is sucked into the engine. In order for your engine to function, air must be pumped through this system. 

A larger throttle body with larger flaps can improve an engine’s performance by allowing more air to enter the combustion chamber. Accelerate your vehicle quicker with a larger throttle body that supplies air at a higher rate.

You Need To Adjust The Intake System

The engine of a car is responsible for igniting fuel and air (oxygen) to generate mechanical energy. Put simply, you can increase the engine’s output by increasing the amount of fuel and air it receives. 

In any case, the fuel-to-air ratio needs to be just right. Energy insecurity occurs when ventilation rates exceed ventilation ratios. However, if the fuel intake is too high, the mixture will be too rich, and the fuel will be burned off.

Some believe that by simply increasing the engine’s fuel consumption, a vehicle’s power can be increased. However, it is not hard to increase the fuel injection. 

Increasing The Airflow Is The Trickiest Part

Naturally aspirated engines can only take in so much air before they overheat. Accordingly, the first air intake system is often upgraded when people are attempting to increase the car’s capacity. 

The fuel-increase problem is easily solved by increasing the oxygen supply to the combustion chamber.


Ways To Make Your Car Go Faster



As you read on, we hope you’ll gain some useful knowledge that you can put towards making your car faster. Increasing the vehicle’s speed can provide a newfound sense of excitement to an otherwise mundane commute.


What Makes A Car Go Faster Quicker?

Speedy acceleration is a direct result of torque. Your car’s top speed is directly proportional to its horse power. Electric vehicles can typically accelerate more quickly than gasoline-powered vehicles because they have more torque.

How To Increase Acceleration?

Increasing the pace by taking more steps (a higher stride rate) without shortening the distance covered with each step. lengthening one’s stride without slowing one’s pace. Optimizing sprinting form to maximise force generation and minimise energy loss.

Can Oil Make Car Faster?

Does your vehicle perform better after you’ve changed the oil? True, though it might not be immediately apparent. The engine will run more smoothly and be protected from dirt buildup and metal-on-metal contact if you change the oil regularly.

Does Driving Slower Save Oil?

If you slow down by just 5-10 mph, you can expect a 7-14% increase in gas mileage. Maintaining a constant speed on the highway is the most energy-intensive part of driving, so using the cruise control feature is a great way to save gas.


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