The Importance of Changing Your Brake Pads Every 3-4 Years

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October 15, 2021
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November 5, 2021

In order to maintain your vehicle, there are essential parts, and there are crucial parts. Brake pads are amongst the most critical of the vital components that are considered standard wear items. Brake pads are everyday worn items because they produce the friction that aids your vehicle when squeezed against the brake disc – also known as the rotor or the brake drum that creates the wheel to rotate. To every driver’s advantage, their brake pads always operate correctly and are replaced before losing effectiveness. A lot of people do not know when they should replace their brake pads.

The brake pads on your car are made up of ceramic, metallic, organic, or composite materials; they lose a small amount of material each used. Ultimately, they wear out, which means they cannot produce the energy produced by friction as efficiently, lessening their potential to halt the vehicle quickly and potentially increasing the distances required to do so. Sequentially, they wear out completely, which can cause an abundance of issues.


If you realize that your brakes aren’t as responsive as they once were or that they wilt suddenly, or that the pedal feels strange after you’ve been driving in traffic for a while or down a long mountain pass, it could be time for new brake pads. But sometimes, in everyday driving, brakes will feel definite until something else tells you they need replacement.

Some cars have brake-pad sensors that notify the driver of deteriorated brake pads by a light in the dashboard or a message displayed upon startup. Some brake systems squeak or screech when they thin out; this thinning out occurs when a metal scraper joins the brake pads that act as a warning alarm. If the sound is less of a shriek and more of a grumbling sound, the brake pads may be gravely compromised, and continued use of the brakes can generate critical damage to the rotors.

With car maintenance, there are essential parts and crucial parts. Brake pads are the primary parts. To ensure that your car can periodically execute the swiftest, most competent stops possible consistently, we firmly recommend replacing the brake pads before they exhibit the characteristics mentioned above—or worse. Your vehicle’s owner manual likely suggests investigating the pads at every oil change because brake-pad life can vary considerably, depending on your driving style and whether the car is driven frequently in steep areas or thick traffic. Brake pads must be replaced when they reach their service limit, which is customarily about every 3-4 years.brakes

Always remember to take heed to the health of your brakes at the moment, and you will bypass substantial repair bills—or a collision—later. If you feel ambitious and desire to replace your vehicle’s brake pads, reach out to the automotive experts at Revive Auto Repair immediately. Don’t try to change your brake pads yourself, that is our job. We construct great work with the highest quality that you can rely on at a very affordable price. We are currently having a massive brake sale!  Starting at $295 for ceramic pads with hardware and new rotors including install. Please keep in mind that some vehicles will vary on pricing. Please call ahead at 248-817-5370 for accurate price or bring your vehicle in for a free inspection.


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