Stimulus and Unemployment Specials

Different Types Of Tune-Ups
Different Types Of Tune-Ups
March 12, 2021
Get Your Tax Return Special On All Services!
Get Your Tax Return Special On All Services!
March 20, 2021


Stimulus and Unemployment Specials, Revive Auto Repair knows how stressful automobile trouble can be. So we’re here to help by providing a 10% discount on any service you need. No matter if you’re a first-time customer or a regular, you can take advantage of our stimulus and unemployment discounts. 

Maintaining your car the right way is essential if you want to keep it in top shape. You, your passengers, and the drivers of any vehicles you use can all benefit from its safety features.

It’s important to keep your automobile in good working order since you never know when you’ll need to do an errand in addition to an emergency, and fixing any problems now will save you time, effort, and stress later on.

Expenses Related To Unemployment Benefits

Governments at the federal and provincial levels offer financial aid to those who have lost their jobs by way of unemployment compensation. 

The majority of the money for these programmes comes from federal and state taxes paid by businesses.

It is common practise for employers to offer unemployment compensation to workers who have been laid off or who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. 

Unemployed taxpayers can seek for benefits through their respective state agencies. They are usually paid a sum that is proportional to:

  • The number of hours they put in
  • Their earnings
  • Benefit their state to the fullest extent possible


Stimulus and Unemployment Specials


When Your Stimulus Check Isn’t Enough To Buy A Car

The above income thresholds indicate that this aid is designed for middle- and lower-class Americans, as well as those who may be enduring financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic’s effects. 

Your first priority should be to use your stimulus money to take care of your most pressing financial obligations, such as your rent or mortgage, utility bills, and the cost of food and medicine.

If you possess a car free and clear of loans or liens, or if your automobile is in good functioning condition, you may choose to put the stimulus money towards savings or an emergency fund. It’s prudent to keep some spare cash on hand, in case of emergencies.

The Advantages Of Purchasing A Used Vehicle With Your Stimulus Money

Used-car pricing will typically be lower than those of brand-new models, but the dealer may not be able to provide you with the most attractive financing terms. 

With that in mind, it’s best to use your stimulus check for a large down payment. Borrowing as little as possible will keep your repayment costs down. It also means less interest will be added.

The price of a car, whether brand new or secondhand, is only the beginning of your automotive spending. Recurring costs like repairs, taxes, and insurance premiums must also be factored in. 

We provide estimates for how much you can anticipate to spend on maintenance and repairs over the course of five years for numerous vehicles in our used car rankings. 

Even if your stimulus check covers a sizable portion of the purchase price of a used car, the car may end up costing you more than you anticipated.

Repaying An Existing Loan With Your Stimulus Money

You may be in an upside-down auto loan if your current loan term is longer than you would want or if you believe you paid too much for your vehicle. Think about applying the stimulus funds to the loan’s principle. 

This can significantly cut down on the total interest you pay for the loan. Reducing the principal balance of an upside-down car loan is a viable option.


Stimulus and Unemployment Specials



Once the pandemic’s effects begin to subside and the mandatory quarantine of populations across the globe is lifted, you’ll need to be able to get back on the road with your currently immobilised vehicle. 

Our goal here at Revive Auto Repair is to get your car back on the road in top shape. Experts in automotive repair are hard to come by, but at Revive Auto Repair, we have them in spades. 

We are the go-to auto repair business for drivers in Michigan and the surrounding states because our mechanics are so skilled at fixing everyday car problems.


How Large Will The Payments Be?

While the majority of adults will receive $1,200, a smaller portion may receive less. An additional $500 will be provided for each eligible kid under the age of 16.

What Was The Purpose Of The Stimulus Check?

The U.S. federal stimulus package passed in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic was created to aid individuals, corporations, and nonprofits adversely impacted by the coronavirus. 

Economic Impact Payments, sometimes known as Stimulus Checks, were distributed to individual taxpayers as part of the package.

How Do Stimulus Packages Work?

What is the function of stimulus programmes? A wide variety of tax increases and spending increases are included in stimulus packages. 

When the government implements fiscal stimulus, it provides financial aid in the form of subsidies, loans, or tax incentives to people, businesses, and even entire industries that are feeling the effects of a recession.

What Are The Different Types Of Stimulus Package?

Monetary stimulus, fiscal stimulus, and quantitative easing are the three most common types of stimulus packages.

Who Qualifies For Stimulus Package?

To receive the base benefit, your annual income must be less than these amounts: Up to $250,000 annual income: $200. $400: Married couples filing jointly with annual incomes of less than $500,000. Extra money of $200 for those households with at least one child listed above.


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