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Welcome to Revive Auto Repair, where we perform the highest quality service at an amazing price. We are the primary auto repair shop located in Troy, Michigan, and we are not too far from nearby places, such as Rochester Hills and Clawson. You will discover the amenities presented at Revive Auto Repair are distinctive because of the team members’ various services. The purpose of Revive Auto Repair is to ensure that every customer will receive services of the utmost quality, and each of the team members ensures that this happens. When you visit Revive Auto Repair at any specified time, you will be treated to customized services, and you are certain that you will get the assistance you desire in the unsurpassed way possible. At Revive Auto Repair, an essential value is to manage each day with an optimistic attitude. This value develops to handle every client interface with a progressive attitude.

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This progressive attitude sets a pattern for the client visits and ensures that it is an experience to remember. An additional fundamental value of utmost importance is to ensure that we are polite, courteous, civil, and considerate. We also ensure to pay attention, attend to and connect with our clients. Revive Auto Repair believes that these values are vital to ensure that every connection is an affirmative, constructive, and valuable one. We strive to listen precisely, correspond openly and succinctly with every client contact, and be polite and courteous. When we pay attention to our customers and their feedback, we review data and listen to them real-time. We need to let our clients know that we hear and understand them when they converse with us. When we actively listen to our clients, it escalates the probabilities that we will hear our clients’ real issues to solve them, causing them to be happier clients realistically. We listen to our clients without inducing our own agenda. At Revive Auto Repair, we never assume to know what our clients are going to say. Active listening also means that we are attentive to our clients’ exclusive personalities and present emotional status to fashion our responses to adapt to the situation. At Revive Auto Repair, we are fully aware that customer service is not one-size-fits-all. Clients desire to be treated like people; they do not want to be treated like a number in a ticket queue. We make sure that we humanize our clients, and we humanize ourselves in the process also. This is the proper thing to do for our clients and us at Revive Auto Repair. An added essential value is to strive for excellence. We set our objectives and ideals high to dispense superior customer service and constantly endeavor to improve. As a company, our viewpoint is to execute the things to enable our customers’ lives easier. Revive Auto Repair continuously strives to exceed customer expectations. Our clients are the most fundamental part of our company, and we always prioritize our clients and put them first before our products or proceeds. If you recently searched for ‘nearby auto repair shops’ in your endeavor to locate auto repair shops, you can stop the search now. Once you contact the amazing team members at Revive Auto Repair, explicate what you need, and they will take care of you. Revive Auto Repair delivers an extensive array of services comprising overall automotive repair, automotive tune-up, brake servicing, transmission maintenance, and checking and oil changes. The list of amenities that Revive Auto Repair offers is never-ending.

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To safeguard that every one of our clients receives outstanding and exceptional services, Revive Auto Repair only employs competent and experienced mechanics to process all automotive components and repair works. The mechanics also undertake incessant training to learn about the snags that modern cars will probably experience. The goal is to confirm that there is always someone to cater to you and exceed your expectations if your car is a classic or a modern model. We will always cater to our clients and regard them as the core of our company because they are. And when we ensure and confirm our clients’ request, we will ensure that we deliver on them. We will make sure not to disappoint our clients as we must keep our word. Our customers know that we value them, and that is why they continue to keep coming back to Revive Auto Repair time and time again. We are thankful and honored to serve as a great beacon in our community, and we will continue to repair cars – both foreign and domestic, with great pride.


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