Revive Auto Repair is Open!

Revive Auto Repair is Open!
Revive Auto Repair is Open!
March 24, 2020
3 Reasons to have your Engine Tuned
3 Reasons to have your Engine Tuned
June 4, 2020


Revive Auto Repair is Open! As a business, Revive Auto Repair in Troy is cognizant of the trepidation and anxiety caused by the current state of the nation’s economy. 

We are aware of the challenges that many families have faced over the past two weeks. Particularly those whose loved ones have been on the front lines of the fight against the Corona Covivirus H19 epidemic. 

In an effort to keep the wheels of commerce turning and the people of our community mobile, we are slashing prices by 25% for all critical personnel.

In appreciation for the years of patronage, we wish to lend a helping hand to the local community and back our fellow patrons and customers. 

This precarious moment in the United States, the cost of auto repair should be the last thing our neighbours have to worry about. 

We hope that by helping them, we can all have an easier time of it as we all strive together to overcome this epidemic.

Description Of Revive Automotive Service

Revive Auto Repair’s mission includes trying to head off car trouble before it happens. For this reason, the ASE-certified mechanics perform preventative maintenance services. To keep your automobile from needing a tow or ending up drinking diesel margaritas at a beachside junkyard. 

Among these are tune-ups for the engine, the transmission, and the tyres. Naturally, they also do repairs on vehicles that have broken down. The crew is well-versed in all aspects of vehicle maintenance, from air conditioning to suspension. 

In addition to the aforementioned, we also offer paintless dent repair, state inspections, and emission testing. While their vehicles are being serviced, customers are not forgotten; they offer free Wi-Fi and a shuttle service.


Revive Auto Repair is Open!


Provided Below Are The Services We Provide:

Give us a ring at 248-817-5370, or use the online estimate tool at on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Follow the on-screen prompts to receive an instant quote. 

That’s how easy it is. You may do this from the comfort of your own driveway or garage, or anywhere else you have access to a phone and the internet. 

As soon as you have your quote in hand, give us a call to schedule an appointment, or do so online now. Schedule a Visit Online Right Now!

We’re available Monday through Saturday and by appointment only on Sunday.

We also provide a virus-free drop-off service called Touch-Less Drop. 

Drop off your car whenever it’s convenient for you by placing your keys and contact information in the 24-hour drop box. 

Getting your car serviced is as easy as checking it in; we’ll give you a call when it’s done, and again when it’s ready for pickup.

When a vehicle returns to service after being disinfected, you can expect it to be ready for your next customer. 

After we are done servicing your vehicle, we will clean the steering wheel, as well as all other buttons, levers, and door handles. All the portions of the car that we come into contact with will undergo this.

We Shall Be Taking All Possible Precautions

They are doing everything we can to respond to this in these difficult times. Revive auto repair do this not out of panic. But because it is recommended that washing hands and disinfecting surfaces be among the first lines of defence. 

Nothing can ever replace actual, physical interaction with a customer. We have no concern about that happening either. 

In accordance with the advice of health authorities, we shall not shake hands or touch any personal electronic gadgets. 

All of us are feeling the effects of this, and it’s having a serious effect on how we do business. We’re prepared to do everything it takes to ease your mind during this difficult time.

All of us at the company are thinking about those who have been impacted by this unexpected occurrence. 

In particular, we’d like to express our gratitude to the first responders, government officials, and medical professionals who devote so much of their time and energy to serving their communities.

We’re excited to get to work for you, and hope you and your loved ones keep safe in these trying times.


Revive Auto Repair is Open!



Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will keep your car running smoothly for years. If your car needs servicing or repairs, Revive Auto Repair is here to help.


What Are The Biggest Challenges For Auto Repair Shops?

Finding the right parts, keeping customers coming back, keeping prices low, and delivering on time are all mentioned as potential difficulties that garages for automobiles can anticipate.

What Is The Purpose Of Teamwork In Auto Repair Shop?

Auto repair businesses thrive when employees work together. Collaboration among workers is beneficial for all parties involved. 

Teamwork has many advantages, including the leveraging of members’ diverse skillsets, the emergence of novel solutions to problems, and the development of mutual trust among members.

Is A Auto Repair Shop A Good Investment?

During times of economic growth, when more people can afford cars needing repairs, auto repair shops see increased business. Indeed, bodyshops are among the few industries that have not been negatively impacted by the rise of e-commerce.

How Much Do Customers Pay On The Repair Shop?

Ricochet’s Head of Factual Rob Butterfield broke down the costs involved in making The Repair Shop: “To put it simply, we don’t bill for maintenance. 

We would be grateful, but it is not required, if folks chose to make charitable contributions.” Incredible!

How Profitable Are Auto Repair Shops?

Half of your revenues will come from selling pricey parts with a little margin, even though labour was once more frequent than parts. 

With that said, you may still expect a healthy profit margin of over 50% after accounting for labour costs. Which works out to an average of 38%.

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