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winter car maintenance
Winter Preventative Maintenance
November 5, 2021

Revive Auto Repair is located in Troy, Michigan and we are a full-service precautionary preservation and automotive repair center. We pride ourselves on being one of the top repair shops in the Troy Michigan area. We repair all types of vehicles such as foreign and domestic vehicles and we are your premier choice for regular upkeep of your car, SUV, truck and fleet vehicles.

We are currently looking for more talented and skilled automotive technicians to join our team. Working at revive is very hands-on with plenty of room to grow and gain valuable experience as an auto mechanic. Revive Auto is a family oriented company, we value every employee and treat them as if they were family. With great management, top of the line tools and equipment we make your job the best experience that it can be. All skillsets are welcome as we can place you in the best position to let your talent excel in our company.

What makes Revive Auto Repair very unique is the fact that we are family owned and operated and we utilize modern diagnostic equipment to ensure that your work experience is as smooth and seamless as possible. We do not skimp on parts as we only utilize parts that are quality, and this is why all of our automotive technicians are ASE-certified. ASE certification (Automotive Service Excellence) guarantees that an automotive technician has completed the training that is required and acquired their Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Technicians requirements.

At Revive Auto Repair, our technicians are skilled to work on every electrical, mechanical component, and system in an automobile. As automobiles become more dependable, drivers are holding on to their automobiles for much longer time than they would in the past. Cars that are on the road longer will experience much more wear and tear than newer vehicles, which means they will require much more regular maintenance than newer vehicles and the demand for skilled auto mechanics will be greater.automotive

At Revive Auto Repair, not only will you be working on fixing and maintaining vehicles for others but you will also be able to fix your own vehicle for a fraction of the cost. If you so choose, you can even buy lemons if you so desire and flip them and that can bring you additional funds in addition to being employed with us at Revive Auto Repair.

When you initially make the decision to become an automotive specialist at Revive Auto Repair, you are deciding to choose a great career, especially if you love cars and are passionate about then and you can’t wait to get your hands dirty from there.There is also no delay in getting you right to work. You will meet and greet customers regularly and when they realize that they are getting top-notch service with a smile, then they will be repeat customers. Customers will flock to where they are listened to and appreciated and at Revive Auto Repair, we always treat our customers with proper courtesy and respect. Let’s arrange an interview, so call Nick at 248-817-5370.

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