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New tires vs fixing a flat


Owning a vehicle will mean having to take care and replace certain components from time to time. One issue that you are likely to come across is a flat tire. To run the vehicle smoothly, your tire needs to have the proper air pressure. But with a flat tire, it will be simply impossible to drive the vehicle. For fixing a flat tire, you will need to visit a body shop. But at times, the tire may become unrepairable. Here’s a simple guide explaining the benefits of buying a new tire vs fixing a flat.


  • Severe damage: At times, your car’s tire may get severely damaged if involved in an accident. If there are noticed bulges, broken or slipped belts, tread separation, bead damage, large gashes or cuts, etc. it may be irreparable. In such a case, it becomes essential to replace the tire immediately.
  • Driving your vehicle with a flat tire or having low air pressure: Maybe you have a flat tire or its air pressure is extremely low. This is likely to result in extreme damage which can be beyond repair. If you drive the vehicle with a tire having low air pressure then the sidewall’s inner liner is likely to wear away. This will only result in its further weakening and damage to the sides, which will be beyond repair. You can easily fix a flat tire if the air is lost. But driving on a flat tire will only cause extreme damage, requiring immediate replacement.
  • Gashes and cuts: Cuts less than ¼” can be repaired. But anything beyond that is irreparable. Steel cords present within the rubber are prone to extreme cuts, thus weakening the tire. A mere repair will not help restore the tire’s original strength that is essential to run smoothly on rough, uneven roads. Hence, if there are gashes or cuts in your tire, fixing a flat will not be possible. In such a case, it is time to replace it without further delay.

  • Punctures: When driving on roads, there are chances of road debris, nail or some sharp substances pricking the tire. It is possible to repair some areas, which is generally the tread face, between external circumferential grooves. Even tires having tread patterns without circumferential grooves can be repaired. You can fix a flat tire on holes that are lesser than ¼” in size. But deep ones with cuts within the steel belts cannot be repaired.

Moreover, the age of your tire also decides whether a further repair is possible on it or not. You need to ensure that all the tires fitted on the vehicle are in good running condition and filled up with air in the required volume. This way all risks of accidents can be mitigated. Otherwise, you will only end up putting your life as well as that of your family and friends as well as others in danger. You can discuss with our professionals here at Revive Auto Repair about new tires vs fixing a flat. But replacing the old one with a new one will be a better idea. It is also a safer choice to opt for a new one. It will help avoid unwanted risks of tire blowouts or accidents. Ask about our specials on new tires when you come in with a flat we are more than happy to assist you!


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