Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up

Revive Auto Repair is Hiring Mechanics!
Revive Auto Repair is Hiring Mechanics!
January 31, 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19 | What we're doing at Revive Auto Repair
Coronavirus COVID-19 | What we’re doing at Revive Auto Repair
March 18, 2020


Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up, Regular customers in Troy, Michigan often ask us, “What exactly is a normal tune-up, and what does Revive Auto Repair include? A high-quality tune-up finds and fixes specific problems, preventing them from getting worse. 

A comprehensive inspection of the engine is an integral part of any good tune up. Since it ensures that the vehicle is operating smoothly and safely. 

See our detailed list of advantages of getting your car tuned up to get a better idea of how it can help your car in various ways.

Smooth Out A Bumpy Ride

The truth is that your car’s performance declines with age. You could have noticed it shaky at times, drifting to one side of the road, or struggling to start in the morning, especially when it’s chilly. 

Both the rattling and the inability to maintain power as expected can be diagnosed by having your mechanic perform a power and energy check. 

There are several potential internal causes, from the ignition to the tailpipe. A professional mechanic can diagnose the issue and repair it so that your commute is not ruined.


Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up


Higher Fuel Economy

All those minor problems that you haven’t noticed but that are causing your car to use more petrol can be fixed with a tune up. An increase in fuel consumption could result, for instance, from stuck brakes. 

Brake pads may be changed or inspected during the tune up. If your tyres aren’t correctly aligned, they may be rotating at an unnatural angle, increasing friction on the axles and the road, and so reducing your fuel economy. 

Fixing this problem is as simple as rotating and aligning the tyres, which will have a positive impact on your gas mileage on your daily commute. 

By performing long-overdue, high-quality tune-ups, I have saved my customers hundreds of dollars per month on gas. 

One of the most important things you can do to save money and make the most out of each mile is to use a mileage tracking app. 

Especially if your profession requires you to drive your own vehicle or if your business owns a fleet of vehicles. Getting our cars to do our work for us is a must.

Detect Hidden Problems

One of the biggest advantages of scheduling maintenance in a timely manner is the detection of hidden problems before they escalate into costly ones. 

We’ve had customers drop by to spend $15 on a problem we discovered during a tune up that, if left untreated for another month, could have cost them $3,500. 

The best way to maximise your vehicle’s efficiency and minimise expenditures is to have it well-maintained and up-to-date at all times.

A Dashboard Lit With Bright Lights

While each of your car’s warning lights is meant to convey vital information, not all drivers understand this specialised language. 

Because of this, our expert team of mechanics will investigate the cause of the warning lights. And attempt to find a solution as soon as possible.

It’s Time For A Complete Physical Exam

A tune up for your car is like a physical for you. It performs a comprehensive check of all operational parts, identifies any issues, and then lets you fix them. 

Just as a doctor could prescribe medication to treat an illness. A mechanic might recommend a service to remedy poor handling, prevent breakdowns, and otherwise enhance the driving experience.

Tune-ups at Revive Auto Repair include a code scan to identify ignition problems and exhaust leaks. 

All the engine’s components, including the valves, rings, gaskets, battery voltage, and leaks, will be inspected while we’re at it.

The good news for car enthusiasts is that your mechanic might not find anything wrong during a tune up. 

But in the vast majority of situations, there will be at least a couple of items that need to be fixed before you can get back behind the wheel. 

Keep in mind that when you get your car tuned up, you’re giving yourself the chance to correct little problems before they become big ones. 

Helping you fix a minor issue now is considerably preferable to having to help you with a huge overhaul later.


Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up



As a family-owned and -operated business, we at Revive Auto Repair Shop consider each of our customers to be an extension of our family. 

When we service your vehicle, your satisfaction is our primary priority. Ensure your future financial stability and your current road safety by following these guidelines. 

Get in touch with us right now for more details about Revive Auto Repair’s maintenance, repairs, and tune-ups. 

Our knowledgeable staff is always excited to meet new and returning clients. They will gladly help you arrange a convenient time to meet with our mechanics.



What Is Included In A Tune Up Cost?

Can you give me an estimate for a tune-up? Changing the spark plugs as part of a standard tune-up typically costs between $50 and $150. 

An oil change, new filters, and other services, as part of a more extensive tune-up, can cost anywhere from $200 to $800, as stated by Auto Zone.

What Is The Importance Of Tune Up?

When you get your engine tuned up, the mechanic checks all of the moving and non-moving parts to make sure they are doing their job. 

The engine is the central processing unit of your automobile. The health of your vehicle’s engine is crucial to its smooth operation.

What Is A Major Tune Up?

Spark plugs, points, timing adjustment, idle adjustment, oil change, fuel filter, air filter, and valve adjustment were all part of the extensive tune-up. 

Depending on the vehicle, a minor tune-up was done every 3,000–6,000 miles, and a major tune-up every 15,000–20,000 miles.

How Often Should I Get A Tune-Up?

Older cars with conventional key ignitions need annual or every 10,000 miles of service at the very least. 

Automobiles manufactured after 1996 with a fuel injection system and electronic ignition can go anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 miles between major tune-ups.

Is It Good To Get A Tune Up?

A tune-up is essential when your vehicle’s owner manual recommends it. Regardless of whether your vehicle has an older or newer ignition system. 

If you don’t, your car could stall or perform poorly. A well-tuned car will operate without hiccups and may even get higher gas mileage.

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