Low Income Auto Repair and Revive Auto Repair Have Partnered To Save You Money

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June 26, 2021
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You awake in the morning and get ready to drive your car to journey on your way to work.  As you approach a busy highway, you notice that there is smoke dispensing from your vehicle and to add insult to injury, a tire decides to give out, and last but not least you feel droplets on your head and it is coming from your sunroof… and it is not raining!

You shake your head in disbelief because you know that your funds are tight at the moment and the last thing you want to do is spend your last on repairing your car. You would rather not have to deal with surprises like this, but these things happen and it is usually at the worst time it occurs. You need a reliable vehicle – not just for vanity purposes but it is a vehicle that you rely on to support your family by taking them to work and school and for yourself as well to retrieve groceries or make emergency runs whenever they arise.

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You know that you have a low income and you believe that there are limitations regarding what service you will be able to get with your low salary. You wish that there was a place that you could go where you can get a deep discount based on the fact that you have a low income.

Well, there is hope because Low Income Auto Repair and Revive Auto Repair have joined as partners to get you the best car repair for your vehicle – and is based on your low income. Now, you have options and you won’t have to worry anymore about having to park your car indefinitely in your yard because you cannot afford to get it repaired to drive it.

Low Income Auto Repair and Revive Auto Repair is determined to help low-income families with an auto repair that they will be able to afford. We are delighted to be a partner with Low Income Auto Repair’s program which will aid clients whose income is low.  This program will also uphold the flexibility they require to remain living and working in Michigan.car repair

The program that we are proud to be a part of enables a point system, so the less you make the bigger your discount. We understand today’s families need cars to get around and having to worry about a huge auto repair bill should not be one of the things that you should have to worry about.

We will ease the worry and show you how easy it is to save money with our money-saving program for families with low incomes. It is our goal to make sure that your vehicle has been repaired by our automotive specialists to ensure that our clients keep driving with no further issues. If you feel your family qualifies for the Low Income Auto Repair Assistance, you must first fill out an application online at: https://www.lowincomeautorepair.com. We are looking forward to working with you to get you back on the road and also to have you save money at the same time.

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