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September 17, 2021
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When you are in a situation where your vehicle is acting weird, this is usually a sign that something is not right, and it needs to be corrected before more bad this happens. Suppose your vehicle is experiencing powertrain issues such as making strange sounds or emitting burning odors. In that case, you may need a powertrain repair which can be done at Revive Auto Repair. Powertrain refers to the required mechanical components that facilitate your car to move. This includes the transmission, but it does not include the engine of the vehicle. If you did not have a powertrain transmission, your vehicle would become inoperable. Knowing that the powertrain manages whether or not your car will run properly, you must get regular maintenance and services performed to stop powertrain issues from happening. Going to Revive Auto Repair is the best thing you can do as we specialize in powertrain transmission repair.


It’s essential to recognize the signs of powertrain issues so that you can avoid having to get your transmission repaired or even replaced. If you’re having a problem shifting gears, then your transmission most likely needs repair. The difficulty with shifting gears is either produced by worn-down gears that need replacing or low transmission fluid levels.

If your car is experiencing strange engine noises and your transmission fluids are common, the noises may be because of a defective torque converter. If your vehicle releases odors of burning material, you are likely encountering your transmission overheating. Because the powertrain transmission is so essential to the life of your vehicle, it’s vital to know what to do if you begin encountering complications so that you can get proper powertrain repairs.

Take your vehicle to Revive Auto Repair – The best thing to do for your car is to leave it with the experts. Suppose you’ve already done all that you can to circumvent problems from transpiring and still come across complications. In that case, it’s best to take your vehicle to Revive Auto Repair, where a further diagnosis can be made to repair your vehicle efficiently.

powertrainLike the engine, powertrain transmissions need to have regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that no problems arise later down the road. Transmission fluid is usually a dark translucent red color. If you notice the color switch to a brown or black shade, you need to change the fluid. Easy routine service can be the difference between a fully functioning vehicle and a vehicle that needs a comprehensive transmission rebuild or replacement. This can be very costly and a nuisance, which is why we highly prescribe getting regular maintenance services at Revive Auto Repair.

The powertrain transmission experts at Revive Auto Repair focus on fixing any powertrain issues you may be having. We will make ensure that your automobile is operating the best it can. At Revive Auto Repair, our automotive technicians are ASE-certified. Contact us at 248-817-5370 to book an appointment, or feel free to stop by. 

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