Get Your Tax Return Special On All Services!

Stimulus and Unemployment Specials
Stimulus and Unemployment Specials
March 19, 2021
Common Car Noises And Their Causes
Common Car Noises And Their Causes (Free Car Problem Inspection/Check Engine Light)
April 7, 2021


Get Your Tax Return Special On All Services! The arrival of spring means that you should be getting your tax refund soon. If you haven’t already, Revive Auto Repair can help you maximise the value of that refund. 

As soon as possible, please give us a call so that you may receive a 10% discount on any auto repairs. Spending your hard-earned cash on things that aren’t necessary is a waste of time and money. 

You need reliable transportation, so taking care of your car is crucial. Fixing your car’s issues before they get worse will save you both time and money.

Issues Are Not Always Immediately Obvious

Common misconceptions about car breakdowns include an audible bang or explosion from the engine and a plume of smoke rising from the boot. 

Even though this is a possibility, many vehicle issues. Such as the check engine light, grinding gears, leaking fluids, or sluggish steering, do not manifest themselves externally.

In light of this, it is clear that following the vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule is crucial to extending its life. Problems that aren’t obvious under normal conditions of use. But have the potential to become catastrophic are easily identified by our technicians using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. 

The professionals at Revive Auto Repair will be able to inform you if your vehicle or any of its parts have been recalled due to safety or performance concerns. Schedule regular tune-ups and make it a habit to inspect the vehicle regularly.

Preventing Illness Is Preferable To Fixing It After It Has Already Occurred

There is a tax write-off for costs incurred while maintaining or repairing a vehicle.

Visits to Revive Auto Repair are like vaccinations for your vehicle, protecting it from the spread of illness. Routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tyre rotations, wheel balancing, and brake pad replacements. It can help prevent a wide range of more serious issues from arising in the future.


Get Your Tax Return Special On All Services!


A lot of abuse is dished out to the vehicle you drive. Routine maintenance, such as checking the tyre pressure and topping off the fluids, should be performed regularly regardless of whether or not your car is experiencing any noticeable issues. 

Major issues can be avoided with consistent upkeep. Spending your tax refund on upkeep now can save you thousands in expensive repairs later.

Strength-To-Weight Ratio Equals Health Status

One could argue that they could care less about having a fast car as long as it gets them where they need to go. Having a car that runs smoothly will undoubtedly make your life easier. 

In light of how much we rely on our cars for our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to see how having one that’s always in good working order can improve a lot of things.

Regular maintenance directly correlates to increased gas mileage, which in turn reduces the frequency and cost of refuelling. Improving your car’s performance and handling can cut travel times on every trip. 

In addition to saving money, you’ll also get more mileage out of your car and less time spent on maintenance.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe Before Proceeding

In order to keep everyone in the car safe, proper maintenance is essential. Vehicle breakdowns or sudden stops in heavy traffic are just two examples of the dangers that can result from subpar performance. 

If you have your car serviced by qualified mechanics on a regular basis, you shouldn’t have to worry about mechanical issues like these. 

Once you’ve received your tax refund and know you have enough money to properly maintain your vehicle, there’s no better time to do so.

Negligent vehicle maintenance poses serious risks to driver safety and can cost a lot of money. It can be very costly to repair broken internal systems. 

The money you get from the government can be put to good use in the form of preventative maintenance. 

By taking your car in for regular maintenance at Revive Auto Repair, you can ensure that it always runs smoothly and efficiently. Our skilled mechanics can help you return your vehicle to peak performance.


Get Your Tax Return Special On All Services!



And if there are any recalls that could affect their customers’ vehicles, the mechanics at Revive Auto Repair already know about them.

Please allow us to fill you in on the recall specifics if you were unaware of them before coming in. Every car problem you bring to Revive Auto Repair will be solved on the spot, or the service is free. 

Now is the time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance at Revive Auto Repair so that you can make the most of the 10% discount. 

At Revive Auto Repair, it is our goal to perform quality maintenance on your vehicle so that it can give you its all once we’re done with it. 

Our technicians are reliable, exceptional, and honest; they can address any issue, no matter how obvious or obscure. We’re proud to be recognised as Michigan and the surrounding states’ trusted auto repair facility.


How To Get Tax Exemption On Car?

Do you know the rules for deducting your car payment? The interest on a car loan can be deducted from your taxes if it is used for business purposes. If you want to deduct the interest you’ve paid on your car loan from your taxable income, you can ask your lender for a certificate of interest.

How Much Tax Exemption On Car Maintenance?

Taxable value of car maintenance allowance is Rs 2,700 per month or Rs 3,300 per month. If the employer provides a car and reimburses the employee for driver’s salary, insurance, maintenance, and fuel expenses (car with engine capacity more than 1,600cc).

How Do I Claim My Tcs Refund On My Car?

Purchasers can check their 26AS for confirmation of the TCS amount they paid. If the purchaser does not owe any taxes, the payment will be credited to his or her Permanent Account Number (PAN). 

However, the buyer must provide proof of payment in the form of a TCS certificate or invoice in particular in order to receive the refund.

Can I Claim Car Expenses On Tax?

Even if your workplace is far from your home, you cannot deduct the cost of driving there and back. 

If your employer reimbursed you for your car expenses, you cannot deduct those costs on your tax return. Don’t submit it unless you actually spent the money on it.



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