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March 19, 2021
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April 7, 2021

It is now Spring, and if you have not already received your tax refund, you will receive it very soon, and we at Revive Auto Repair are here to help you put it to good use.  We are now offering a 10% discount on all your auto repair needs to do not delay, you must call us right away.Do not allow yourself to spend your tax money on things that do not make any sense, such as items you do not need.  You need your car to travel back and forth, so you have to make sure that your vehicle is in its best shape. Solving issues with your car now can save you a lot of money and help prevent potential problems in the future.

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Revive Auto Repair understands vehicles and what they need to perform well, so when you get your tax refund – come to see us and get a 10% discount on every service that your car needs.Properly maintaining your vehicle is vital to preserving it in the highest condition. It can also help uphold your welfare, safety, and health and that of your vehicle’s passengers. Warranting that your automobile performs at its utmost is fundamental because you will need it at a moment’s notice.Most people have their ideas of what issues are with their vehicles. Some drivers wait to hear a funny clanking noise, a flashing light on their dashboard screen, or they want to see a puff of smoke emanating from their car to know that there is an issue with their vehicle.But what do you do when problems are not so obvious when it comes to your car, such as gears that grind, poor steering, and leaking fluids?  Many issues are expertly handled by the highly skilled team of technicians at Revive Auto Repair.



tax-return specials-get your tax return discount-auto repair tax discountThat is why frequent and repetitive maintenance can prolong your vehicle’s lifespan. Our technician’s high-tech equipment can detect complications that are not evident during consistent use but may slowly evolve into something serious. Revive Auto Repair’s technicians are also conscious about when vehicles have been recalled.If you were unaware of that before your visit, we would inform you of the recall details for your knowledge and safety. You can rest assured to know that when you come and see us at Revive Auto Repair, we will make sure that all your car issues are resolved. The best time is now for you to use your 10% discount from Revive Auto Repair to save money on car repair while you tend to your vehicle.At Revive Auto Repair, our goal is to guarantee that we service your vehicle to enable it to perform at its best. Our technicians can take care of apparent issues and underlying issues; we are dependable, exceptional, and straightforward.We are serious about our work and are humbled to be the premier auto repair shop for drivers throughout Michigan and its surrounding states. Call us to get your appointment scheduled – you will find us at




10% Special On All Services!

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