Revive Auto Repair’s Summer Specials!
Revive Auto Repair’s Summer Specials!
June 13, 2016
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Revive Auto Repair Troy “BACK TO SCHOOL”!
July 29, 2016


FREE A/C CHECK, Whether it’s warm air, stale air, or no air at all, it sounds like something is wrong with your air conditioner. If so, you should get an air conditioning performance check, which is something many garages around the country do for free. 

Doing a quick check can help you find issues, prevent them from becoming worse, and plan for potential maintenance costs. You may be able to solve the issue on your own once you identify its source. 

To help you beat the heat this summer, we’ve compiled a list of businesses that will inspect your air conditioning system at no cost to you.

Does Anyone Know How The Air Conditioning System Actually Works?

When it comes to staying cool in the city, everyone wants their air conditioner set to maximum. All of us appreciate the cooling effect of the air conditioner on those sticky, hot days. 

However, there is no ice machine within (although ice was once used to chill vehicles). Your air conditioner uses a multi-step process to turn hot air into cold air by removing hot gases.

It’s a matter of thermodynamics, but we won’t get into that now. The cliff notes version is as simple as pressure changes leading to temperature changes. When you turn on your air conditioner, the compressor compresses the refrigerant (Freon), increasing its temperature. 

During its journey through the condenser, it loses heat (that second radiator looking thing in front of the radiator). 

Before reaching the evaporator, the refrigerant is routed through the receiver/dryer, where contaminants and moisture are removed, and the expansion valve/accumulator, where it is slowed down even further, causing it to lose pressure and temperature.

A miniature radiator located in your vehicle’s dashboard, the evaporator cools the refrigerant and draws moisture out of the air even further. 

To distribute the cooled air throughout the cabin, the ventilation system uses a blower motor to force air over the evaporator.

Refrigeration Compressor

When it comes to central air conditioning, the compressor is the workhorse. Keep cool with a reliable compressor. In the past, we’ve witnessed those without a refrigerator trying to make cold air. Put your faith in us, we know it doesn’t work.




When It Comes To The Compressor

  • Pumps up the pressure of the coolant in your air conditioner.
  • Compressors that use an electrically operated clutch to monitor and regulate output temperature When the thermostat is adjusted, the fan is set to a different speed, or the ambient air temperature falls or rises, the clutch engages and disengages accordingly.
  • The serpentine belt is the winding belt under your hood that supplies power to many of your vehicle’s most important parts, including the air conditioner’s compressor.

Compressor Showing Signs Of Wear

If your compressor is leaking oil or Freon, making a lot of noise, acting erratically, or not working at all, it may be time for a replacement. We have leak-detection dyes and tools to check your car for leaks in the refrigerant system. 

Our equipment, sometimes called a “sniffer,” can sniff out a chemical leak even if no liquid is visible, even if there is a leak but you can’t see it. You might even call us cutting edge over here.

Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Requires Servicing

There are three telltale signs that something is wrong with your car’s air conditioner when it isn’t blowing cold air or is on its last leg of service.

What Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioner?

If the air conditioner starts blowing hot air, there may be a serious problem. If water gets into your air conditioner, it will react with the refrigerant to produce a highly corrosive acid that will eat away at the components of your air conditioner. 

Rubber seals used to keep refrigerant in their proper place can be ruined by this acid. Your air conditioner’s cooling capacity may be diminished if refrigerant leaks.

There Is A Strang Odor

If you notice a musty odor coming from your air conditioner, it may be time to have it serviced. A musty odor coming from your air conditioner may indicate the presence of mold, and thus, water. 

A clogged drain in your evaporator case or a damp or dirty cabin air filter could be to blame.

The Airflow Is Very Slow

Mold and other debris can accumulate in the evaporator core from too much moisture, cutting off the supply of cool air to the car’s interior. A drop in air pressure could indicate a failing blower motor or a blockage in the evaporator core.

Any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? If your car’s air conditioner isn’t performing as it should, call your local Revive auto repair shop to schedule an A/C performance check and maintenance service.





You get to decide what happens at any time at Revive Auto Repair. If your car’s air conditioning isn’t working, we can diagnose the problem for free and go over your repair options with you.

Each and every part of your car’s air conditioner can be fixed by our trained specialists. If you need work done on your car’s air conditioner, look up a Revive Auto Repair location in your area.


How Do I Test My Car For No Ac?

Leaks and compressor malfunctions are the most frequent causes of nonfunctioning air conditioning. Possible causes of lukewarm airflow include a dirty filter, malfunctioning cooling fan or radiator, or the need to recharge the air conditioner.

Why Is My Ac Running But Not Cooling In My Car?

Most air conditioner breakdowns can be traced back to either a leak or a compression problem. If your air conditioner is blowing cool air but not freezing cold air, it may be time to clean the filter, replace the cooling fan, inspect the radiator, or recharge the system.

How Much Does It Cost To Diagnose Ac Problems In Car?

We suggest getting the air conditioning system checked out. For the diagnosis and service, we’ll need an additional $400. Knowing that low refrigerant is usually to blame for a car’s air conditioner not working, it makes sense to service the unit first.

Is It Ok To Drive Car If Ac Not Working?

It’s risky to hit the road with a busted air conditioner compressor. If your air conditioner breaks, it’s possible (but still risky) to keep driving your car until you get it fixed. If these crucial components of your car’s air conditioner break, you risk serious injury or illness.

How Long Does Car Ac Last?

Typically, a car’s air conditioning system will work for three to four years without being recharged with freon, and for an additional year after that. 

In order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, your car uses a refrigerant called Freon, which is recycled in a closed system. Your car might never need more freon because it uses it in a sealed system.

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