Does Your Car Have Flood Damage? If so – Revive Auto Repair Can Help!

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Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and other little surprises that we did not expect. It is crazy how things are going great one day and the next day there is all hell and mayhem. Could you imagine that you are buckling down and getting ready for a storm to hit and you secure your house and your family and then you forgot to secure your car? And when you go and check on your car – you are flabbergasted to discover that it has sustained significant flood damage? If you’re auto flooded during the storm come to Revive Auto Repair as we have you covered!
This is news that no car owner wants to hear or have to deal with. At the time it may seem that this is the worst thing in the world that can happen and you may feel that there is no help at all. Not to worry, because Revive Auto Repair is here to help you. We are experts in reviving cars that have sustained significant flood damage due to a storm.
Serious flooding can mean issues with your car’s engine, air bags or electrical system or other significant car parts may be weakened or compromised. Minor flooding can lead to rot, decay and other problems. Our skilled professionals will get your car all aligned out for you to resume driving again. We will check inspect for:
  • Potential water that may have compromised your engine
  • Eliminate cylinders that have been water-damaged
  •  Inspect for corroded spots
  • Replace the oil and transmission fluid. If the car is not fully damaged, you’ll want to do this repeatedly after the car is in good condition and you’ve been driving it for several hundred miles.
  • Investigate the interior. If floodwaters were several feet instead of one foot deep, water apparently made it to the interior of your car.
  • Remove all moisture.
  • Examine electrical components.
  • Examine the fuel tank and line.
A storm is an act of nature that is not your fault. When something is not your fault that is why there is insurance to cover it and at Revive Auto Repair we happen to work with all insurance agencies. We will manage all electrical and interior restoration. And if you are querying how you are going to get your car to start to get it to us.
We are here to tell you that the most dependable and best way to get your car to us after a storm is to have it towed to us and all you will have to do is to relax, sit back and we will manage the rest. Stop worrying and let us take care of your car for you. We are experts in the field and we know how to handle emergencies such as flooding due to unexpected storms.
At Revive Auto Repair we are the best in the business and we are ranked in the TOP 10 in Southeast Michigan. We also serve all of Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and Wayne counties! We are backed by insurance agencies and recovery relief because unlike our competitors –

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