Coronavirus COVID-19 | What we’re doing at Revive Auto Repair

Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up
Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up
February 17, 2020
Revive Auto Repair is Open!
Revive Auto Repair is Open!
March 24, 2020


Coronavirus COVID-19 | What we’re doing at Revive Auto Repair? The Coronavirus is a situation that none of us have ever encountered before, and we are currently dealing with it. 

Because of this, health officials have ordered schools to be shuttered and have cancelled sporting events and religious activities. 

Priority number one should be given to public health and safety. This is not something that we are approaching flippantly at all.

Sanitizing our consumer areas, door handles both inside and outside of the building, restrooms. And any other surface that people may touch is a priority for us. 

The suggestions for washing one’s hands are being adhered to by every member of the staff. Hand sanitizer can be found at every point of interaction with customers.

The Following Is What We Are Providing:

If you would like an estimate, you can either give us a call at the number 248-817-5370. Use the estimate tool that is available online at from your computer or mobile device and follow the instructions. 

It can be summed up like this. This can be done from your driveway, garage, or anywhere else in your home that has access to the internet or a phone line. 

Once you have obtained your estimate, you can either give us a call and schedule your appointment or you can do it online by clicking here: Here You Can Make an Appointment Via the Internet.


Coronavirus COVID-19 | What we're doing at Revive Auto Repair


In addition to that, we also provide a drop-off service that is virus-free and touch-less. 

You merely need to bring your vehicle to the 24-hour drop-off location. Set your keys in the 24-hour key drop box. Ensure that your name and contact information are clearly displayed inside the vehicle. 

To make things as easy as possible for you, we will phone you both when we check in your vehicle and when it is ready to be picked up.

In addition to this, we make it a priority to disinfect every vehicle before delivering it to one of our customers. 

After we are completed performing maintenance on your vehicle, we will clean the door handles. As well as the steering wheel, all of the control knobs and levers, and the shifter. This will be done to any part of the car that we have physical contact with.

We Shall Be Taking Any And All Precautions That Are Possible

In the midst of these challenging circumstances, we are reacting to this in every possible way. 

This is not done out of fear, but rather to ensure we are according to the standards. It suggest that washing one’s hands and cleaning surfaces are two of the most crucial precautions to take. 

Nothing here will ever be able to take the place of traditional in-person customer service. That is another thing that does not frighten us. 

As a result of the recommendations made by health experts, we will not be offering handshakes and we will not handle any of your personal communication devices. 

This is having a significant influence on our business operations and will have repercussions for all of us. In spite of the challenges you face, you can count on us to do all it takes to make life easier for you.


Coronavirus COVID-19 | What we're doing at Revive Auto Repair



Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted in any way by the exceptional incident. 

The first responders, government authorities, and all of our health care professionals who are working tirelessly in their communities have our utmost gratitude.

We are looking forward to being of service to you, and we hope that everyone stays safe throughout all of the recent uncertainty.


How Profitable Is A Auto Repair Shop?

Many proprietors of auto body shops got their start in the industry as mechanics, but savvy investors can find opportunity in the sector as well. 

In the vehicle repair industry, larger firms can make up to $100,000 annually, and your mechanics may make between $30,000 and $50,000.

What Makes A Good Repair Shop?

The best mechanics will take the time to hear out your concerns and then provide you with a solution, not just fix the car and leave. Pay close attention as you explain the issue to the mechanic. 

Take note of whether they are rude to you or dismissive of your ideas. Investigate whether or not they offer a warranty for their services.

What Are The Basic Automotive Maintenance?

Oil, power steering, brake, and transmission fluids, as well as windscreen washer solvent and antifreeze, should all be checked. 

Secondly, make sure that the hoses and belts are in good condition, free of cracks, brittleness, fraying, looseness, and other symptoms of wear.

Is Auto Mechanic Easy?

Working as a mechanic might be physically demanding, but the payoff is worth it. Working with one’s hands and feet can be very satisfying for some people. 

Those that recognise themselves here should get to work. If not, you should really think about becoming a mechanic.

Does Fixing Cars Require Math?

Because tools and components are often measured in fractions of an inch, a good knowledge of basic mathematics involving fractions is required. 

The ability to quickly convert between metric and imperial units is another skill that should be mastered by most vehicle specialists.

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