Common Car Noises and Their Causes

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The Benefits of a Proper Tune-Up
December 29, 2020
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January 12, 2021

What’s That Sound Coming From My Car?

Sounds Like a Click

Have you ever tried to start your vehicle, and you hear a clicking sound? This could be an indicator that your battery is lifeless. Try utilizing jumper cables to present the battery some fluid and inspect the wiring and connections. And if your battery does not continue being charged, it is most likely time for a new one.

Sounds Like a Rattle

When you ascertain that your vehicle is making a rattling sound, the priority is to inspect the trunk! Loose items moving around behind there could be the reason. If not, you most likely have something open below.

Sounds Like a Hum

Is your vehicle making a humming sound? Then there are a variety of things that could be the issue. This situation is where lubrication will be required where the transmission could be failing, or a wheel bearing could be shot.

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Sounds Like a Hiss 

If your vehicle is making a hissing sound after the engine is turned off, it is most likely an issue with the engine bay, and it could be leaking. You might be able to ascertain the source of the leak with a quick visual examination. Leaking liquids and air could be dangerously hot or harmful to the touch.

Sounds like a Squeak 

A high-pitched squeaking or chirping sound could cause a belt and pulley not working correctly, low belt tension, or a worn-out serpentine belt. In these cases, the sound typically surges during acceleration.

Sounds Like a Flap

When a vehicle makes a flapping sound in the engine section, it is characteristically from a fragmented or shattered belt. Sometimes there is just something intervening with the fan. Stop the vehicle and exam the issue! Driving with a damaged belt could cause severe engine damage.

Sounds Appear When Making Turns

Any unusual sound that only happens when you turn is probably related to the steering and suspension systems. A correction may be as easy as including fluid to the power steering pump. Or it may be more serious, like worn constant velocity (CV) joints or universal joints that need to be replaced.Car Repair

Sounds Appear When Applying Brakes

Sometimes a shrieking sound when braking is due to debris on the brakes. Most likely, it indicates that you need to switch out the brake pads. If the squeaking turns into scraping or grinding, then you are in a dilemma. This scraping sound is the sound of bare metal scraping against bare metal. This means the brake pads are altogether dilapidated and are now causing destruction to the brake rotors and additional brake parts.

Sounds Appear When Accelerating

The most likely malefactor is a broken exhaust system. A seep or fracture anywhere in the exhaust system produces a great deal of sound! The reason for this is because your exhaust system encompasses and suppresses engine sound.

Sounds Like a Knock

Ensure that you utilize the correct gasoline grade because utilizing lower-octane gasoline than your vehicle manufacturer suggests is a common reason for engine knocking.


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