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March 12, 2021

Different Types Of Tune-Ups

Introduction Different Types Of Tune-Ups, Tune-ups have evolved alongside the evolution of our engines. Many more components had to be checked and replaced in the past. Modern engine tune-ups entail inspecting and replacing worn components like fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, and spark plugs and wires.  Emission levels, gasoline lines, wiring, coolant hoses, and serpentine belts are also all things that can be inspected during a tune-up. Since modern automobiles have electronic ignitions and […]
January 26, 2021

Things To Check And Fix After Buying A Used Car

Introduction Things To Check And Fix After Buying A Used Car, Some people choose to start out with a used automobile in order to get experience behind the wheel before investing in a brand new one, while others do so for financial reasons.  A automobile is a car for whatever purpose the buyer has, and it is likely quite special to the person who owns it.  The second-hand auto industry has boomed as a result […]
June 4, 2020

3 Reasons to have your Engine Tuned

Introduction 3 Reasons to have your Engine Tuned, Tuning an engine is a technique for changing the combustion process. Modern cars all have engine control units that can be reprogrammed with simple performance chips, but previous vehicles required tuning by replacing and updating performance equipment.  That is, if your car was made in the 1980s or later, tuning the engine won’t take too much time and work.  Power output, fuel efficiency, and engine durability are […]
February 17, 2020

Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up

Introduction Money Saving features of a Quality Tune-up, Regular customers in Troy, Michigan often ask us, “What exactly is a normal tune-up, and what does Revive Auto Repair include? A high-quality tune-up finds and fixes specific problems, preventing them from getting worse.  A comprehensive inspection of the engine is an integral part of any good tune up. Since it ensures that the vehicle is operating smoothly and safely.  See our detailed list of advantages of […]
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