Car Running Low On Coolant? There May Be An Issue

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April 12, 2021
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Car Running Low On Coolant?  Inevitably, all internal combustion engines whether they run on gasoline, diesel, hybrid fuel, or even electricity will generate some degree of thermal output. 

Whenever you turn on your car’s heater, some of that warmth is distributed throughout the car’s interior. However, there is still a need for alternative methods of dealing with the bulk of the heat.

Antifreeze, also known as engine coolant, is a fluid used in vehicles to maintain a safe and efficient engine temperature.

If your coolant level is low, your engine could overheat while you’re driving, which could be disastrous for your car, its performance, and your travel plans.

The Dangers Of Driving With Insufficient Coolant

If you don’t check the coolant level in your car regularly or if it gets low, it can cause a number of problems. The technicians at Vista Auto Group have compiled a list of potential warning signs.

The Head Gasket Has Blown

To blow the head gasket is, arguably, the worst thing that can happen to your car if the coolant level drops too low. 

In extreme cases, the cost to repair the damage caused by a blown head gasket on an automobile engine can exceed the value of the vehicle itself.

If you see white smoke coming from your tailpipe or engine, it’s a sure sign that your head gasket has blown. You may also hear knocking noises and feel a loss of power from the engine.

The Function Of An Automatic Turnoff

Certain newer vehicles have a safety feature that disables the engine if the coolant level drops too low. Your engine will be spared from harm, but doing so may put you in danger. 

For the most part, depending on where your car shuts down while driving, low coolant could put you in a potentially dangerous situation.

The Engine May Get Too Hot

A lack of coolant can cause engine failure. Your engine could seize if the coolant isn’t doing its job of keeping it cool. When a car overheats, the pistons can actually weld to the cylinder walls if you keep driving it.


Car Running Low On Coolant? There May Be An Issue


Below Are Warning Signs Of Low Coolant

Knowing the warning signs of low coolant can save your car from serious damage. The top five warning signs that your car may be low on coolant are listed below.

A Pleasant Scent

Glycol is a component of most cooling agents. This liquid component smells very fruity and sweet. This component controls the temperature range in which water can either boil or freeze. 

It’s a telltale sign of a coolant leak if this sweet scent is wafting through your car’s air vents or emanating from under the hood.

On The Thermometer, A Red Line Appears

The needle on your car’s temperature gauge near the red zone? If that’s the case, low coolant could be the culprit. The engine temperature indicator on your car was built with your safety in mind.

The needle on the temperature gauge will rise to the “H” symbol, indicating that your engine is overheating due to a lack of coolant. If the needle on your gauge is ever too far from the centre, it’s time to pull over and check the coolant.

Constantly Using A Lot Of Gas

If your car is losing speed or drinking more gas than usual, it may be a sign of low coolant. If your fuel is being burned too quickly, it’s likely because your engine isn’t getting the proper amount of coolant.


Car Running Low On Coolant? There May Be An Issue



Repairing a vehicle ruined by low coolant levels can be an unnecessary hassle at times. It may be time to consider purchasing a newer used vehicle if any of the aforementioned issues have caused damage to your current ride. 

We at Revive Auto Repair know how difficult it is to have to get rid of a beloved vehicle because of costly repairs.


Can You Drive A Car With Low Coolant?

You can still drive for quite a while with low coolant. The amount of coolant is crucial. If it’s low but above the required minimum, you can still drive your car for a few days. However, if it falls below the minimum, you should not start your vehicle.

What Happens When Your Car Runs Low On Coolant?

The engine’s heat can be dissipated with the aid of coolant. The engine could overheat and seize if there isn’t enough coolant. If you keep driving with an overheated engine, the pistons could weld to the cylinder walls.

What Causes Coolant To Be Low Without A Leak?

With no visible external leak, engine coolant is likely leaking internally. It’s possible that the head gasket failed because the car overheated recently. It may be letting coolant into the combustion chambers if it has.

Can I Add Water To My Car If Its Low On Coolant?

In case it’s dangerously low or completely dry, fill up your car with fluid. Adding a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water (or a pre-mixed coolant) is recommended, but if you have to keep driving, water can be added to the radiator as a last resort.

Can I Top Up Coolant With Water?

This is a common inquiry, and while it is true that you can fill up with water alone, you should only do so in a dire emergency. Diluting engine coolant with water will reduce its boiling point and render it ineffective because it contains antifreeze.

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