A/C And Cooling Issues? Lets Make You Cool!

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April 10, 2021
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Car Running Low On Coolant? There May Be An Issue
April 16, 2021


A/C And Cooling Issues? Your day can quickly go downhill if the air conditioning in your car suddenly stops working. Leaks and compressor malfunctions are the most typical causes of nonfunctioning air conditioning. 

Possible causes of lukewarm airflow include a dirty filter, a malfunctioning cooling fan or radiator, or the need to recharge the air conditioner.

Stop putting up with a stuffy, uncomfortable vehicle, and stop relying on the repair shop to solve the problem. Finding the right solution can be challenging. 

Take a look at this checklist of three things to examine before heading to the repair shop in order to pinpoint the precise nature of your climate control problem. If you know how to fix your car’s air conditioner, you can save yourself some ice-cold cash.

The Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

A leak in the refrigeration system is typically the root cause of this problem. The refrigerant is crucial to the operation of your air conditioner and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. 

Inadequate levels of refrigerant prevent the operation of the system’s other parts. A leak can happen at any time, but the most common causes are damage to the evaporator, compressor, or condenser. 

In contrast to an oil leak, spotting a refrigerant leak can be tricky. This is because, when exposed to the elements, refrigerant is designed to evaporate.

There Isn’t Any Ventilation

This is not as simple to solve as turning off the vents and waiting for the heat to go away. A skilled technician will need to check a number of different parts to rule out potential causes. In some cases, the technician may first look for:

A failure of the ventilation relay or fuse can prevent air from circulating through the vents. A faulty relay, which uses the smaller electrical current to control the larger current required for ventilation, is another potential source of the problem.

A faulty blower motor or blower resistor prevents air from being pushed through the car’s vents, functioning similarly to a home fan. 


A/C And Cooling Issues? Lets Make You Cool!


If the blower motor has broken down from age or wear and tear, no air will be able to flow through the ducts. Like the fan speed controller, the blower resistor interacts with the blower motor to determine the desired airflow rate (low, medium, or high).

Accidental obstruction of the vehicle’s air intake Systems Vehicles have two different air intakes. 

There are two sources of air in a car: the outside air that enters through the windshield’s lower half and the air that is recycled from inside the car’s cabin. 

Because of a clogged filter or other obstruction, your vents may not be able to expel much air at all.

Belts and hoses that power the air conditioner are susceptible to damage if the system is not maintained. If there is a crack, a missing piece, or something blocking the vents, no air will be able to escape.

The Air Is Cool, But It Never Freezes

Reduced pressure caused by insufficient refrigerant prevents the clutch from engaging the compressor’s rotating shaft. If there is enough refrigerant in the system, it could also be due to:

The condenser, which removes heat from the gaseous refrigerant and returns it to its liquid state, may be clogged or malfunctioning, resulting in ineffectiveness. The air coming out of the vents won’t be cool if the condenser is clogged or broken.

The air compressor can’t turn on and condense the liquid refrigerant into gas if the clutch switch isn’t working.

The Air Conditioning Has A Mildew Odor

Turning on the air conditioner can release an offensive odour of mildew due to the accumulation of bacteria in the system. This is typical of older vehicles, either those whose air conditioning is rarely used or those whose climate control is routinely turned up high). 

Behind the dashboard, on the evaporator, is a prime breeding ground for bacteria, mould, fungi, and other microorganisms. This growth causes a noxious odour to emanate from the ducts.

When I Turn On My Car’s Air Conditioning, It Makes A Lot Of Noise

The presence of any unusual noises emanating from your vehicle is cause for concern. In general, the operation of an air conditioner does not result in a great deal of audible disturbance. 

It’s normal to feel worried about what’s wrong when you turn on your air conditioning and hear rattling, banging, or other unusual sounds. Strange noises may be caused by something as simple as leaves or other road debris jamming the unit. 

In addition, it may signal the impending failure of a crucial part. The air conditioner will make a grinding or squealing noise if a bearing is worn out. If the compressor starts making rattling noises, the clutch may have worn out.


A/C And Cooling Issues? Lets Make You Cool!



There’s still hope even if your car’s AC has stopped blowing cold air. It’s possible that a quick and cheap fix is all that’s needed to get things working again. We know how frustrating it is when something like this happens to your car, so we prepared this guide to help you solve the problem on your own, if at all possible.


What Is The Reason For Ac Not Cooling In Car?

If your car’s air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air, the problem is almost certainly due to a faulty compressor or a freon leak. 

These are the most obvious causes of an AC unit’s failure, but a dirty cabin air filter or a broken belt could also be to blame.

Why Is My Ac Running But Not Cooling?

A clogged or blocked condenser coil is one possible cause of an air conditioner that is running but not producing the desired cooling effect. 

As long as it’s doing its job, the condenser fan will pull air into the outdoor unit and force it over the condenser coil, removing heat from your home.

What Is The Most Common Car Ac Problem?

A refrigerant leak is one of the most common causes of auto AC failure. Even if you suspect a leak in your refrigerant line, you may not be able to find it until you inspect the hose connections. Sometimes there is a greasy sheen around the pins and sockets.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Ac In A Car?

Replacement parts for air conditioner condensers can set you back between £300 and £400 in the UK. Expect to pay an additional £350 for labour on top of the cost of the condenser, as some vehicles may require extensive disassembly to gain access to it.

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