5 Car Care Tips That Will Save You Cash

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December 7, 2020
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December 22, 2020

Having to spend money on car upkeep can be expensive, here is a few car care tips for simple upkeep that can help you save money in the long run


1. Do an oil change.

Did you know that driving your car accumulates mileage? An oil change makes your car work better because your engine performs better. Driving your car also makes it collect junk. This junk comes from water and dirt. Don’t allow debris to accumulate because you will pay a high price later. Fragments of water and dirt can get stuck on your car’s engine and cause it to decline. Your vehicle won’t operate at its optimum if the engine is impacted by junk. Book an oil change; it should only take about 30 minutes. 

  • Car Care Tip: It is recommended that you change your oil every 5,000 miles.

2. Inspect your spare tire.

No one ever checks their spare tire. They usually focus on the ones that their car is driving with. Doing this is a recipe for disaster. It only takes a few minutes to check and add air to your spare tire to not be in a situation where you will get towed. 

  • Car Care Tip: When you check out your tires’ air pressure, don’t forget once a month to do the same for your spare tire.

3. Replace your windshield wipers.

When you have a dirty windshield that remains dirty after cleaning it, you have to replace your windshield wipers. A dirty windshield can be dangerous, and it can even cause the glass to erode in the long run. It is not expensive to replace your windshield wipers. You won’t spend more than 50 dollars on replacing both of them.

  • Car Care Tip: Check your windshield wipers at the change of each season and replace them when necessary.

4. Clean your battery.

Whenever you see powder that looks either white or blue on your battery, this is corrosion. To make your battery function properly and not crack, you must keep them clean. You don’t want to end up being stranded. Be prepared to spend about $100 and consider this a blessing because if you end up getting your car towed and it will cost more. In the meantime, get a $5 wire brush for you to use on your terminals to keep them clean.

  • Car Care Tip: Test your battery twice a year and inspect it for corrosion.

5. Check your coolant.

Remember to change your coolant because if you do, you are encouraging your car to erode. The coolant is also referred to as antifreeze and lubricates the moving parts in your car’s engine. Antifreeze is also the reason why your car does not overheat. If you do not know what your antifreeze looks like, that means that it is overdue for a checkup. Dirt can build up in your coolant and change the color to rusty brown. 

  • Car Care Tip: Twice a year is how often you should check your coolant. Spring is a good time to do the first check; then Fall is the second time to do the last check for the year. 

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